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Selfranking of a group!

In this example there are four Decision Making Units (DMU): ludbreg, cakovec, pcenter and ivanec. Each of them represents a criterion for evaluations of the others on some scale. Initial data are given in the table below.

Starting the submit button you will be asked to give initial ranking of DMUs. Final result doesn't depend upon this initial ranking.

For details see the article: L. Čaklović, Self-duality in Group Decision.

Table: Four DMU and their Crossefficiency table
ludbreg cakovec pcentar ivanec
ludbreg 100 91.57 100 93.08
cakovec 80.29 100 95.07 86.27
pcentar 100 91.57 100 93.08
ivanec 100 100 74.74 99.65
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